Proposed Senate Bill 3268 Can Create Some Major Changes

This proposed bill would require all business entities to obtain an Employer Identification number or an EIN, from the Secretary of the Treasury.

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Senate Bill 482

A new Senate bill has been signed into law recently. North Carolina Senate Bill 482 was signed into law July 28th of this year by the governor. Below is some of the actions that led up to the bill being signed into law since it was filed on March 25th, 2015.

Information was taken from Open States Website

This bill will make changes to the Limited Liability Company Act making technical changes and also making changes that will make the act easier to understand. It will now do the following:

  • It will define the rights of employees and employers in employee inventions
  • This change will also allow a charitable or religious corporation to convert to a domestic LLC.

These changes will be effective as of October 1st, 2016.


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AZ Senate Bill 1356 was signed into law May 19th, 2016 makes these current changes. Continue reading “AZ Bill to Amend Corporation Changes”

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