Is working from home becoming a thing of the past?

Have you ever needed a day to not go into the office and work from home? Many companies have had this policy of allowing employees to work from home for many years, but now these companies are reversing that policy. Companies like Yahoo, Honeywell and IBM have killed the policy that allowed their workers to work remotely.

IBM for many years has allowed its workers to work from home or work remotely all the time, but recently they have put a stop to it Continue reading “Is working from home becoming a thing of the past?”

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MAY 2017- Hot Buy of the Month

Let’s go Green!

No we’re not talking about the Environment or solar energy, but our Green Corpkit! This month’s Hot Buy is our Green Corpkit that comes in green or green and burgundy, whatever you choose! It also comes with certificates, an embossing seal, minute paper sheets, just to name a few.

The month of May is going by so fast and now there are only seven days left in the month, so you know what that means, don’t you? It means there are only seven days left to get your hands on the Green Corpkit for $49.95 before this deal expires!

To order yours today, click on over to our website and add our Hot Buy to your shopping cart. Also stay tuned for next months Hot Buy that is just days away.

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A Thanksgiving Message From Us To You!

While you’re sitting around the table with family and friends we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Corpkit!

At this special time of year, may you be with the ones who truly make a difference in your life and give thanks for all the blessings you’ve been given.

So eat up, take in the people around you and give thanks on this special Thursday. We wish it is the best Thanksgiving yet!



As A Reminder…

We will be closed for the Holiday on the 24th and remained closed on the 25th of November. All orders that we received on Wednesday, November 23rd after 5 p.m. EST will be shipped on Monday November 28th. Enjoy your holiday!

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Proposed Senate Bill 3268 Can Create Some Major Changes

This proposed bill would require all business entities to obtain an Employer Identification number or an EIN, from the Secretary of the Treasury.

What should you know about this bill? Continue reading “Proposed Senate Bill 3268 Can Create Some Major Changes”

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Welcome to our Our Blog!

Corpkit Legal Supplies has been serving the legal needs of the people since 1996 and strives to satisfy all customers with the highest quality possible. Corpkit, which has recently entered the social media platform, has created a blog to keep their customers and potential customers updated on changes to their services. In addition to blogging about their individual services, they are a source for information on anything and everything about the legal supply industry.

Our blog contains helpful information and tips for our customers and strives to be a center for information. Along with our blog we encourage our readers to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for special promotions as well as continuing to bring you crucial information.

If you’re new to visiting our blog, Welcome! If not we hope you keep returning to see what changes occur withing the industry and our company.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

On the same day every year, people around the world celebrate the Irish culture in many ways. On March 17th people celebrate by eating Irish delicacies like corned beef and cabbage and occasionally drinking Irish beers like Guinness. In addition to the food and the drinks, many big cities and towns hold parades to celebrate the Irish culture.

There are so many components to St. Patrick’s Day and even more shocking information. See the infographic published by to find out more information on the holiday and history you didn’t know before!


Corpkit Legal Supplies Voted #1 By The Connecticut Law Tribune

The Connecticut Law Tribune comes out with a list of the best companies and people for various legal services. In 2016, Corpkit Legal Supplies were rated #1 on their list of Best Corporate Kit Provider among a few others. We are so honored to be rated #1 and hope that our services will continue to be the best in 2017. Thank you, Connecticut Law Tribune for compiling the best of list for others to look to for guidance. You can see the digital copy of “The Best” list for 2016 on their website, including us and many other great businesses.

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